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Bravo Company got off to a humble start in the garage of a United States veteran in Wisconsin, shortly after Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Since its onset, the company focused on producing equipment for law enforcement and professionals in the arms sector, earning a reputation with the "American Gunfighter" project in which it collaborates with some of the most popular tactical instructors in the United States.

VFC Introduces the BCM® Series with VFC’s Latest AEG system internals; a combination of realistic external and high-performance internal elements, all in a single airsoft replica.

MCMR-10 M-LOK handguard

Following the BCM philosophy: to make light and compact handguards, it has a piece of CNC aluminium that makes it light and resistant. It has an M-LOK® system on its sides to avoid the space occupied by the RIS and to decrease the profile of the rifle. Although the bottom part is RIS enabling to add a grip, for example, or any other accessory we like to adapt.

The major change that BCM brings to airsoft is the industry-leading system with the same cylinder nut used in real weapons and the same clamping design that was originally used in the BCM KMR handguard, this system makes swapping the handguard a much easier task and enables us to adapt the length of the replica to the field where we are going to play.

 - Mod 1 - SOPMOD

The stock has a minimalist design enabling quick shouldering. We liked that the part that we have to pull to remove the stock from the tube is extremely integrated within the stock itself, making it more low profile. Yet another detail is that we can put the strap anchored both by QD anchors and by passing it through the side pins.

This stock has the VBOST system created by BCM to collect the rifle strap by means of a rubber when climbing in a vehicle and that it does not get stuck anywhere, such as, for example, on the steering wheel when leaving quickly to repel an aggression. This is an extremely interesting feature in airsoft when it comes to picking up the rifle, and being able to put the strap outside the control knobs without getting in the way.

BCM licensed accessories for airsoft

With the collaboration between VFC and BCM, BCMAir was born and, in addition to replicas, they have launched airsoft accessories with original markings and licenses. Their catalogue offers rails for the handguard, foregrips, hand stoppers, stocks... All this manufactured by Vega Force Company for the world of airsoft.

Maple Leaf

It comes with maple leaf rubber, which makes its longer lips better seal the nozzle attachment, the triangular protrusion improves the effect and the nub or "tensioner" increases the surface in contact with the BB. All this increases the BB’s range by 20% regardless of the power.

ECS Gearbox

A true beast with high quality components as detailed below to offer a high performance. ECS stands for Easy Change System, so we can change the spring without having to open the entire gearbox. Although we will have to take the gearbox out of the body to be able to do so, so it will not be as quick as desired.

The new reinforced piston is made of fibre and half of the toothing is made of metal; 7 teeth. It has also been reinforced in the lateral joints of the teeth, which improves the durability of the assembly. The piston head is made of reinforced aluminium and has bearings to, like the spring guide at the other end, improve spring torsion. The lightness of the cylinder is due to its steel construction. The cylinder head is made of plastic to prevent wear due to the pounding with the piston head.

Electronic trigger

Vega Force Company includes its electronic trigger DFCS (Digital Firing Control System) in its new model, which guarantees a clear firing response and allows programmable semi, burst and automatic modes.

The pre-cocking function enables greater trigger reaction similar to that of a real gun. This function allows shooting with the spring previously stretched, significantly accelerating the trigger reaction.

This new electronic trigger has the automatic battery voltage stop function, which will beep twice when it is 7.4v and 3 times using 11.1V batteries. It also has an alarm to warn of the low voltage of the batteries, something very useful to extend the life of the batteries themselves.

The BCM Gunfighters programme brings together military instructors to design, operate and continually improve the BCMGunfighter line of rifles and accessories for the AR-15. BCM is proud and honoured that these men, whom they call family, use, recommend and support the mission of producing quality Mil-Spec products.

Larry Vickers

Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical is a veteran of the US Army.  He served in the 1st SFOD-Delta and has extensive experience in the firearms industry as a combat instructor and author of the "Vickers Guide" firearms book series. Larry Vickers’ experience in special operations is one of the most unique in the industry today; he has participated directly or indirectly in some of the most important special operations missions of the last quarter century.

Travis Haley

Haley is a Marine Reconnaissance Force veteran with 15 years of dedicated real world experience including operations in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. After leaving the military, Haley worked as a special operations and security contractor before partnering with Magpul as the founder and CEO of their Magpul Dynamics division. Haley also served as CEO of parent company Magpul Industries before creating the company that would become Haley Strategic Partners.


This is the first replica licensed by BCM, but it will not be the last. We have already been told that a version with a longer handguard will soon be launched on the market, and new models with different characteristics will soon be released.

If you are looking for a model exactly the same as the real one, with all the official licenses and markings and the price is not an issue, this is your replica, hands down.