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This aged version of the APS ASK205BW fills that gap between the compactness of a submachine gun and the firepower of an assault rifle. A rifle that was originally intended for paratroopers and special forces, and now in the hands of airsofters, is a versatile solution to play both in CQB and in the open field.

All this plus the excellent work of APS in by giving this aging treatment by hand, one by one, and that makes the replica much more realistic than the previous ASK205BW model.


The best thing about this model is how compact it is, which is possible thanks to its folding skeleton stock (very useful in CQB and when transporting it) and the small barrel. Despite its small size, we find a replica of 3 kg, a detail that stands out as soon as we pick it up.

Aging treatment

What really attracts the attention of this model are the materials in which it is made and the exterior finishes. We find a handguard made of real wood to which a wear treatment has then been applied to give it a greater sense of realism.

The rest of the body is made of metal and has also been treated to continue with the worn aesthetics of wood.

Mechanical blowback

This is a model with a very characteristic mechanical blowback in APS models. Many think that the mechanical blowback takes away performance from the replica, but that is not the case. The power of the spring that drives the piston is much higher than that acting on the plate that moves each shot. So the performance reduction is zero, but the effect achieved is spectacular.

Internal parts

Precision inner barrel: 6.04 mm
Inner barrel length:
240 mm
Gear Box by Silver Edge version 3
Mechanical blow back
8 mm bearings
Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
385 FPS
Rate of Fire:
1000 (RPM (Rounds Per minute)

Internally we find a version 3 gearbox (typical in AK replicas) with two specifications that stand out: the blowback1 (which we can easily disassemble if we don’t like it) and the quick spring change that has become a must have in our replicas.

Taking out the spring guide2 the metal head with bearings and polymer guide we can access the dock3 type M120. The piston4 is made of polymer and has half the metal teeth (seven). The piston head5 is made of aluminium and comes with bearings to help the torsion of the spring, something that we will especially appreciate when shooting in the full auto. The cylinder6 is chrome-plated, has an opening to regulate the amount of air that pushes each BB and comes with a cylinder head7 polymer to soften piston pounding. The nozzle8 is metallic like the hop chamber which, interestingly, is attached to the gearbox with a pair of fins. The precision barrel, 6.04 mm, and of 240 mm in length, is a good option in such a compact model.


An AK is a true classic, an AKS-74U is a very striking model and on top of that in a custom version it becomes something new with which APS surprises us. The haters will say “another AK”, but after seeing the work that has been done to age the replica, we know that it is a unique piece.