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EmersonGear is serious about gearing us up for events with cutting edge materials and continues to work on its Classic (Yellow) lines; with a more affordable quality and price, the Blue Label line; with a superior price ratio and its Street line; designed for the day-to-day of the players.

The garments that we will use in this kit are part of the EmersonGear Classic product line.

Assault Plate Carrier

This plate carrier vest is inspired by its design in the Armatus II PC by LBX. It has several features that make it stand out:

- Clips for easily hooking preconfigured front panels or chest rigs. In the same way that you can do with those with back plate. Being able to reconfigure the vest completely in seconds.

- Zippered pocket on the upper part of the front plate, it prevents accidental losses and is much quieter than Velcro.

- The most interesting and novel point of this carrier is the quick release buckle system with which it is equipped. The main feature of this system is that with a simple gesture of pulling the latch handles, the plate carrier can be disassembled very easily.

- Reassembling it will not be much more complicated either since you will only have to fit the polymer tabs of each closure to have it fully assembled. This new Emerson system is found on both the cummerbund and the shoulder straps.

E4 combat
T-shirt /RG

The top of the uniform is a Combat Shirt G3 based on the design by Crye Precision. The entire torso is made of a new fabric that transpires much better and prevents the vest from creating any friction, respecting the areas where there is greater sweating (armpits, chest and back).

However, the fabric on the sleeves that goes all the way to the shoulders and neck, is a RipStop fabric, harder and that offers us greater protection against the frictions that we may suffer during a game: suspenders of the vest, straps, branches, the ground, etc.

The design has a zip closure (YKK original according to their labels) on the neck and on the sleeve pockets. These pockets have been modified and one offers side access with an open outer pocket to store anything from markers to even hanging glasses by the temple.

The Velcro area has been modified and, unlike the old generation, we have sewn a soft velour to improve the mobility of the arm to prevent that feeling of stiffness. It also has an area to insert elbow pads, which are not included, whose fabric reinforcement will also offer a slight additional protection if you do without the inserts.

E4 combat
E4 Tactical Pants / RG /

The bottom of this uniform is a G3 combat pants to match the top, and also based on the Crye Precision design. They are made of a Rip Stop fabric (50% nylon, 50% cotton) that prevents tears. In this new generation the elastic fabric that we found in parts such as the crotch, the butt or the knees has been dispensed with.

The closure of the fly has an original YKK zipper, while the waist the garment is closed by Velcro. In addition you can adjust it at the waist with two Velcros, and so there is no much need for a belt. You can also adjust it to the height of the knees and ankles, thanks to the straps that you will find in the front pockets above the knees.

The design of the garment includes 12 pockets distributed symmetrically. The narrow knife pocket 1 located under the main pockets 2 stands out. Unlike previous generations, there are two loops above the left cargo pocket 3 to be able to hook or hold objects and keep them inside the cargo pocket.

Inside the cargo pockets there are several rubber bands that will allow you to carry a bottle of water or a rifle magazine without it moving around in our pocket. The pockets also have rubber bands that will allow you to adjust the height of the kneepads.

A new feature of this generation are the zippered pockets 4 on the thigh area and that have two functions thanks to their inner fabric. The first is to improve breathability by helping the air circulate inside the pants by opening the zippers and the second is to be able to carry a Smartphone of up to 17 cm in length although if you opt for this second use, closing the zipper will not favour air circulation.

In this new generation the type of pocket 5 that it had at mid-height in the shin area is substituted by a new pocket design with zip closure.

E4 Tactical Pants
Knee Pad / RG

As expected this new model model of Emerson kneepads are based on the Crye Precision Airflex. This new design combines a double layer of foam to provide greater protection but without losing flexibility. Thanks to its design we can use it both in E4 pants and in previous Crye Precision cut generations.

Emerson has taken care of every last detail of the garments (it must be said that the Classic line looks quality throughout) and we have made a fairly accurate selection of a police assault kit with their products.

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