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Rw APS 2E124 Ghost Patrol
Phantom Green

Green has long been the base colour for camouflage in any army. In fact, there is a military saying that goes “If it moves shoot at it and if doesn’t, paint it in OD”, just keep in mind what colour are the vehicles, the tents, the... And of course, this also includes the weapons or at least airsoft replicas, by the hand of APS paying tribute to this colour with this replica that includes OD parts.

Olive Drab Painted parts

This model notably includes parts painted in green that make it stand out such as:

-BB025 Sound Blaster Flash Hider  
-External barrel
-Magazine release
-Bolt release 
-Fire selector
-Loading lever


The handguard combines MLok to lighten it up and give it a more modern look, with a Picattiny rail on the top and two attachments on the sides (make no mistake, our accessories are still old school). In addition, it comes standard with an APS LPG Grip (Loading Perfect Angle Grip) stop finger that helps us when instinctively placing our hand.


The replica has an overall length of 670-760 mm and the RS-3 retractable stock and the 10” forearm, which features the BOAR finish (which we first saw years ago on the ASR116, play an important role in this) shaped like a “C” through which we see the flash hider.


This model mounts the well-known eSilver Edge electronic gearbox with micro SDU chip (Super Dynamic Unit) that together with the magnetic gear and the electronic trigger offers an instant shooting response.  It includes a quick spring change system, and the gearbox housing has been reinforced to be able to be used even with an M190 type spring. The piston has also been reinforced internally and comes with the full metal zipper to enhance the durability of the set.  The wiring has been twisted with a PET cover that provides them additional protection. An interesting detail is that the components are compatible with TM so it will not be hard to find spare parts or upgrades in case we need it.

The S.D.U.’s function is to stop the gearbox to prevent further damage when the electric current is too high. In simple terms, the electric current (amps) will increase if there is a malfunction of the gearbox, for example: motor failure, damaged gears or a short-circuit. When the S.D.U. detects more than five triggers pulls that exceed the amps, the gearbox will be disconnected to prevent any possible damage.

Fire modes Pre-Program

Mode 1 - Safe / Semi / Auto
Mode 2 - Safe / Semi / 3rd Burst
Mode 3 - Safe / 2rd Burst / Auto
Mode 4 - Safe / 3rd Burst / Auto
Mode 5 - Safe / 3rd Burst / 9rd Burst


This model has an ASR upper receiver but the lower receiver is from a Phantom Extremis. Since this is from the same manufacturer it is fully compatible and allows us to show off a different body combination within the APS catalogue.


The sights are the APS Hawk Back Up Sights, removable, foldable and with a pistol pointing profile when we carry them folded, something that comes in handy in those rare cases in which we do not put some kind of red or holographic point or scope with zoom or… when was the last time you played with the standard sights as a pointing system?


One of the characteristics that we like to find model after model in APS replicas is its commitment to ambidextrous controls. Both the firing selector, the bolt release or the magazine release are present on both sides of the replica, making it easier for us to activate it whether we are right-handed, left-handed or we have freaked out with a change of hands when turning a corner.


This APS replica is as good as any of the previous models in the series, but it also manages to give a nod at those players with OD accessories to pave the way to a full OD replica. So has the supremacy of black replicas ended or is TAN going to stop being the second favourite colour for players? Only time will tell, what we dare to say is that we airsofters like to try new things that stand out from everything that is already on the playing fields, and this APS replica helps us achieve it.