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Sentinel New Series

Rossi released its range of AEGs with the Neptune series a few years ago, now they have launched two new models in this series: the 10.5” SAS and the 9” SEAL. If this were not enough, they now surprise us with a new line, the Rossi Sentinel series, cheaper than the Neptune but with some interesting features. Below you will find the eight models of the launch although we know that there will be two more that are yet to come (mmmh… I’m not sure if we could tell you this). 


This series shares the same new custom body that Rossi has created ex professo for its replicas, albeit recognizably based on an AR15 (yes, an M4). And we really like details such as the ambidextrous magazine release, the pistol grip design, or the enlarged trigger guard with the detail of the teeth on the bottom, a detail that repeats on the front part of the body to improve grip if we hold the replica at that point. 


Both the body and the sights, the stock tube and, of course, the stock, are made of polymer, which not only reduces the weight of the replicas and makes them more comfortable to play with, but also allows the models to be cheaper and within reach for all budgets.


This series has three models with a similarly designed MLOK handguard (Omega, Alpha and Delta) in different lengths, and a different design, although it goes well with the style of the line (Sigma). The length of these replicas makes them perfect for CQB, taking it to the extreme even with the 5.5” Omega model that makes it look similar to a PDW.


This series of replicas is available in the classic black colour or, if you are one of those looking for something different and more daring, the “bronze” models have the anodized handguard in a bronze colour that gives them their name and both the magazine, the pistol grip, like the cylinder head, in tan colour. 

Carbine models are typically shorter barrel versions of longer rifles. An example is the M4 carbine versus the M16. They had their origin in the cavalry but its use evolved to adapt to the needs of paratroopers, tanks provisions... Although, more recently, urban combat required “carbines” to have even shorter barrels, and so models such as the Mk18 CQBR were created whose 10.3” barrel left behind the 14.5” of the M4A1 or the 20” of the M16A2. Although the models continued to be compacted with the creation of the PDW, a category in which they seek to create a weapon that is as compact as possible, but with a wide fire rate and stopping power, since in many cases it is used for VIP protection.

Internal Parts

This series mounts a V2 gearbox (1) with a quick spring system to easily access the spring guide (2) with a metal base and polymer tube, with bearings to facilitate the torsion of the type M100 spring (3). The reinforced piston (4) is completely made of polymer with 14.5 metal teeth, has a ventilated cylinder (5), and the cylinder head and nozzle (6) are made of polymer. The gears (7) are about 18:1 and made of steel that rotate on 8 mm bearings, when the electronic trigger (8) with active brake activates the 18,000 rpm torque motor. They carry 6.02 mm precision internal barrels with a yellow polymer hop-up chamber, like many other internals, of the G36 type cross roulette.


Well, it’s nice and cheap, is that the key to happiness? Since that is undoubtedly the impression that this new Rossi series leaves us with. A great option for many players looking for an externally attractive replica (it would be strange that you do not like any of the eight models that this series has), whose performance allows us to play seamlessly, because there is always a margin to upgrade but... electronic trigger, precision barrel, 8 mm bearings, not bad at all as a starting point. So when you also see how cheap the price is, your only problem may be whether you prefer the black or bronze model.