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RWA always dazzles with outstanding replicas such as the Nighthawk GRP Recon, a replica of the highest quality and often times, at a price not suitable for everyone’s pocket. But sometimes it breaks its own rules and releases guns like this Nighthawk Custom Black Ops, a more affordable model but with an equally  awless  nish.


According to the laws of each country, RWA may include a NPAS valve to adjust the power of the model. This small piece is housed inside the nozzle of the gun and allows a greater or lesser amount of CO2 which propels the ball through, so this helps regulate the exit velocity of the projectile and makes it suitable for all  elds.


The silencer is 12 cm in length and can be screwed to the outer barrel directly (14 negative). The silencer is hollow, it does not contain an extension of the inner barrel and neither has any foams with which it "intends" to silence, it is a purely aesthetic and very "tacticool" accessory. 


This replica of the ACC Nighthawk model carries the markings of the actual manufacturer both on the slide and the grips, which boast a new design to improve the grip of the gun. The back has a rough  nish for the same purposes. Although the front of the grip panels are completely smooth.


The optimum performance of this model can be achieved with CO2 tanks (12g) which generate a violent recoil of the slide in each shot. So much so that the outer barrel carries a spring around to help the recovery rail soften the impact of the shots. Similarly, the recoil spring rail has a washer that favours the torsion of the spring. All in place to enjoy the powerful blowback without incidents.


Although the original model uses single row magazines, this replica partially follows this trend. Outwardly the dimensions are similar to the real ones but offering greater load (14 + 1 balls) thanks to the double row that allows us to carry more balls. These magazines are compatible with the 1911 manufactured by KWC.