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Who are the Russian "knights"? The 0Vityaz (which, as you must have guessed by now, means "knight" in Russian) is a group of Russian elite law and order forces, like a SWAT team. And they are the ones who commissioned Izhmash, the legendary AK factory, an evolved model of the unsuccessful PP-19 Bizon submachine gun.

However, it is actually Taiwanese "knights" who bring us this replica by the hand of Li Cheng Technique Business Company (LCT, in case you didn't know). Universally recognised as one of the best AK and AK variant replica manufacturer. 

What happens when elite Russian forces come together with airsoft's elite? Simple, a replica like this one is what happens.

Why Does it stand out?


This model incorporates parts that have worked in other models and combines them with new parts. For example, the pistol grip is identical to that of the AK-100 series, mooth and larger, which is a good thing for those who ave big hands, although we miss some non-slip material. It also includes a side support to attach a scope (as if the RIS wasn't enough) in addition to the sights... you will surely be able to aim properly! 


While the Vityaz shares the same trigger and safety system with standard AK’s, it has a difference which AK lovers quickly discover. Indeed, unlike the rest of the family, this model physically blocks the coking lever when it is in the highest position, that is, the "safety's".



The Vityaz carries a foldable skeleton stock as seen in AKS-74 used by the paratroopers. With the exception of the  body restraint system that forces us to push the stock upwards to release it and a slight redesign that makes it more ergonomic. The stock is comfortable, especially if the wrap in paracord, which improves shouldering and provides a moretactical style. And we suggest that you place the belt through the stock before hooking it, you won't be able to fold the stock but it will prevent the replica from turning upside down.



This SMG is based on the smallest assault ri e of the AK family, in fact, it shares 70% of its components. The upper Picatinny RIS that it includes is a characteristic of the Vityaz-SN (a modi ed version of the model), although it doesn't have others such as the cocking lever on the left side or the additional safety on the left side of the body.



The most peculiar feature in this AK SMG is the magazine, which makes the body shorter and includes a plastic receiver for the magazine which resembles more an MP5 than an AK. This replica comes with two magazines of 50 balls each, made of polymer as the real ones) and joined by a clip that allows a quick reload by not having to waste time taking out a new magazine from the pouch or storing the used one in the pouch drop.

LCT presented not long ago its new gearbox III, an improved version that we  and in this replica and which includes:


It is worth noting the high quality of all elements, and details such as the plastic protector that covers the part of the gearbox that is exposed behind the trigger. Or the ventilated cylinder whose hole is placed forward a position in order to inject a smaller volume of air. Just enough to  ll the 250 mm barrel without causing any turbulence on the  flight of the ball. Too technical? Let's make it simple; just  re and check the  ight of the ball.


By having a shorter body it becomes very dif cult to regulate the hop-up from the ejection port and we have to open the top. This forced them to add a top plate to the hop and therefore be able to regulate it. Otherwise it is a regular AK style hop-up. The fact that the body is shorter will also force us to disassemble the external barrel to be able to extract the whole internal barrel and the hop-up.


Very similar to the real one in weight and length, manufactured in iron plate – which makes it almost immune to impacts – and with great attention to detail, this is a replica worthy of belonging to the AK family. Compact as an MP5 and as heavy as an AK, you will fall in love the moment you pick it up... we know from experience!!


LCT is AK's star brand not only due to its internal appearance, as it now also carries a new gearbox III there is nothing to be added to the model to make the most out of it. Perhaps the dif culty of accessing the hop-up is the most negative aspect, but it is something inherent in this model and is very well resolved. 


A true AK!! You do not need the OMON logo or the name of the model branded on the body. All AK lovers know that marking the position of the safety/ semi/auto is enough for their enemy to be advised of your intentions.


Although this replica will work equally well in an open  eld or in a CQB scenario, its compact design and especially its ROF (Rate of Fire) make it more enjoyable to empty its magazines in a CQB match.