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Airsoft is an attitude, it's a statement of intent, it is a way of life. Is that too much? If it were we would not be able to recognise a player out of the playing  eld, and yet we come across people on the street and think: I bet he plays airsoft too! 

Emerson is one of those rare manufacturers who have understood this and have been implementing it. Being so close to the players makes them follow the trends and sometimes even be ahead and create them. Airsoft street wear? Have you never seen someone carrying a molle backpack down the street? Before, during and after a game

Emerson G3 Combat Uniform Multicam Tropic


The cut in this uniform is characterised by how it adapts to the body, making it comfortable not only to wear it, but also to play while wearing it. Its high waist will keep the trousers in place even when crouching or jumping. And the straps behind the knees will hold the knee pads in place.

Inspired by Crye Precision

The design of this uniform was created by Crye Precision. It has been manufactured to meet the requirements of an third generation. operator, for example, the T-shirt is designed to be worn under the vest, this way the chest and back (the parts in contact with vest) are soft and breathable, while the part of the arms offers greater protection. Such is their willingness of adapting to modern times that they have already revised the design several times, as this is their third generation

Emerson Tactical Polo

This polo shirt is very breathable, ideal for after playing. Within its classic cut, it incorporates some details like a  ap at the end of the buttons to hang your sunglasses or a small shoulder pocket to carry a pen or a chemical light.

Emerson Gear Assault Backpack/Removable Operator Pack

Someone thought that a backpack which could be attached to the vest was a good idea, and so he was right. This backpack, inspired by Tactical Tailor, has a large main pocket divided into two sections to  firmly compartment behind that can hold a3 litre hydration to place the helmet which will be tightly or take advantage of the molle to to adjust the space which secures adjust the strips of the shoulder bring it as close to our body as carry a gas tank or a 1.5 litres water bottle, and a bag. It also has a secondary compartment held due to the pressure. In the outer net we can hang small garments add more pouches. It has straps the content when we carry it during play, similarly, we can straps and those at the chest to possible. In addition, we can release the clips of the straps and use the hooks included in the backpack to attach it to a vest or a rucksack.

Emerson All-weather Outdoor Tactical Short Pants Multicam

They are very comfortable to wear thanks to their waist with rubber belt loops, it provides a better  fit without ripping-off the top button no matter what we eat after the game. It has a 14 pockets design which, besides enabling us to carry many items, allows us to distribute the weight evenly. 

Emerson Electronic Hearing Protector

A headset like this comes in handy to minimise the effect of the grenades in CQB (at least for you). Its microphones pick up loud sounds and minimise it on the headphones. Each earmuff is powered by two AAA batteries and has a separate volume control. Its best feature? We can fold the headset into a small ball.

Protect yourself from firing sounds

Despite what movies and video games want to make us believe, the noise generated by a  rearm can be around 170 dB, similar to the engine of a plane about to take off. And a muffer can reduce it down to 135dB, not the 'whisper' we hear coming out of 007's guns. Therefore operators need gear to protect their eardrums, especially if they faced an intensive day of shooting.

Emerson Gear Right Hand 579 Gls Pro-Fit Holster

This holster recreates the 579 GLS Model, which locks the gun's safety as soon as you holster it. And it protects the holster's control on the inside which we can comfortably activate with the middle  nger as soon as we hold it. It is made of nylon  bre which makes it highly resistant, although it is lined inside with a fabric that will prevent the paint from scratching. Thanks to its retention system we can use it with over 100 different guns.

Emerson Gear Jum Plate Carrier 2.0 Multicam Black

This JPC 2.0 is an evolution of the JPC, a small, lightweight vest designed to provide high mobility. Although when wearing it to play airsoft its plates have been rather uncomfortable, it still works if we remove them. It shares many of the new features with the real model, such as the front Velcro strip compatible with the AVS system, the side and top straps to attach the clips of the Skeletal system or the back zips to attach a backpack. It also incorporates handles for easier disassembly both at the waist and on the straps.


Multicam was designed as a universal pattern that would end the confl ict between forest and desert patterns. And, although in the initial contest it failed to in the ACU to dress the US Army, this pattern was chosen by the Army for its operations in Afghanistan since 2010. In late 2013, several variants of specifi c patterns for the main environments were released into the market. Arid, Tropic, Alpine and Black (the latter aimed at police tactical teams).

EmersonGear Tactical Assaulter Cap Kryptek Typhon

The Kryptek Phyton is not the only cool thing about this cap. It has three large areas for patches, the outline for the head is made of nylon net so it is highly breathable, and although its a one size fits all item, the rubber has an elastic point that helps secure the visor

Ballistics Para Cord SG Bracelet

This 25 cm bracelet is made of 2.5 m intertwined paracord with a clip closure that includes a whistle. These two tools can be very useful in case of survival, allowing us to pin point our position or easily build a shelter. Although we will need to use a tutorial video to braid the bracelet back to its original shape.

Emerson Shooting T shirt

Many shooters prefer to wear tight T-shirts like this one, as it allows them to move comfortably without the clothes interfering with their movements. It may seem silly, but every second counts at the shooting range. This particular one comes with high quality Magpul embroidery at the shoulder and chest, while the inside Emerson logo is silk-screened inside to be more comfortable.

Emerson UTL Urban TacTical Pants

The design focuses the 9 pockets in the upper part of the garment, offering a large load capacity which is adjusted to the leg, allowing us to run comfortably. The waist has an elastic fold at the back for a better fit. We liked the pocket on the front where we can perfectly fit a gun magazine, although it is useless if we carry a thigh holster.

EmersonGear Multi-function RECON Waist Bag Multicam

This is a replica of the Emdom waist bag, its "V" shape keeps it in place no matter how we fill it in or move about, as it will not hit our lower abdomen during the games we've played while carrying it.  We may use its strap or fix it directly to the molle or to the belt, as we have seen the MARSOC carry it. It has four compartments: in the main one we can fit multiple magazines or a BBs bag; the front is good place to store smaller items such as speed loaders; and we still have two narrow compartments at the top and on the inside ideal for maps and documents.

Clothes do not make the man, but we can learn a great deal about a player by the clothes he wears. The material he chooses, how it is arranged... these are all clues about his experience, a point that often has little to do with time and a lot to do with experience and accumulated knowledge. So ask yourself this: what do you wear?