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When will we see this for airsoft?

This article was originally published at thefirearmblog.com

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Victor Aster is a Belarusian firearms concept designer. He shared with TFB one of his CAD designs of a personal defense weapon (PDW) called Humble-Bee. The idea is to have a compact firearm for law enforcement and military needs which would be very simple, lightweight and easy to use.

Initially, Victor was considering the Humble-Bee to be a less-lethal gun firing rubber bullets and dedicated for police use. Later he rethought the idea and now it is designed to be chambered in 9x19mm. The receiver of this firearm is supposed to be completely made of polymer. The overall design concept is inspired by the Italian Spectre M4 SMG. According to the designer, he moved away from having a magazine inside the grip to be able to design a more ergonomic and comfortable pistol grip. The grip also has a rubber backstrap. The muzzle device is a rough mockup and the designer would probably opt not to have one at all.

The magazine well is elongated to allow grabbing it with the support hand without applying any pressure to the magazine itself. The side opening from both sides of the magazine well is there to allow seeing the remaining amount of ammunition in the translucent magazine. The magazines are also Victor Aster’s own design. The magazine release button is on the rear wall of the magazine well, below the trigger guard. Its location makes it ambidextrous, too.

The iron sights are made with the simplicity in mind. They’ll be a set of fiber optic open sights with a possibility to install and detach them without using any tools. The gun also features a full-length top Picatinny rail as well as a short rail section on 6 o’clock.

The charging handle is executed similarly to that of AR-15 or HK MP-7. It is a non-reciprocating latch on the rear portion of the receiver. The nice thing about the charging handle is that it is almost flush with the receiver. However, it probably needs more aggressive serrations to ensure a rigid and consistent purchase. The safety selector is ambidextrous with distinctive raised triangular markings.

Continue reading the article here: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/09/21/belarusian-pdw-concept-called-humble-bee/