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What is better for a replica?


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When starting airsoft, a lot of players think all the replicas are black. But with time, they realize that they exist in a lot of different colors. Which is the best color for a replica? Which one is the most convenient and which one are we going to use the most? Which color best camouflage? This is our opinion:

Not to mention personal customs each player can do or any tutorials of how to paint a replica we can see, we could say that the most frequent colors of the replicas are:


The default color. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a desert or a woodland gear, it will contrast anyway. The good news is that with some complements of different colors, a dual tone replica would become spectacular. The bad one is that everybody choose it, this is the less original and distinctive of the three.


It has been a real revolution when the first replica appeared in TAN, just like the Multicam fever. Its brown color matches perfectly with the desert and some woodland gears, above all when the Woodland has brown tones. What we didn’t like so much is that depending on the manufacturing materials and on the manufacturer himself, the TAN tones can change and find yourself with a replica and accessories with thousands of different TANs.


This is the trendy color. We have seen it with some real weapon manufacturers and it is now available in airsoft. This color works perfectly with urban and night environment (remember: the pure black doesn’t exist in the nature, colors like grey better camouflages in the night), making it perfect for CQB. The Special Forces may adopt this color in their gears…

The BO Manufacture LK595 series enters in this last replica groups. The grey of this model matches with the other black parts. Unlike the other replicas of the market, the grey of the upper is the same one of the lower because both have been made in polymer.

Lonex, the manufacturer behind this model designed by BO Manufacture, is an expert in the polymer outer parts: not only have they reduced the weight but also the cost of the replica.


As for the cost reductions, BO Manufacture has announced a special limited offer by putting on sale the product of this series (initially dedicated for the Japanese market) from their own website. Hurry up! The price will return to normal after supplies run out.


The link of their website: https://www.bomanufacture.com/en/recherche/LK595?nouvelle_recherche=1&recherche=LK595