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Special Forces vehicle

The DAGOR is the classic American toy company POLARIS. Designed as a vehicle for special opera-tions, agile and has great autonomy can support a large load of equipment, carry up to nine passengers, become airborne, towed and launched from an aircraft.

The DAGOR already been evaluated as vehicle of  operations by members of Rangers & MARSOC (Marines Special Operations Command) with very positive feedback.

Add to POLARIS is not a rookie in the this to make military vehicles, since the creation of the department for military vehicles, has made real stuff that have been used in combat and endowment longer serve in the various units such as:

The Sportman MV850 Quads operations employed by the MARSOC and Green Berets in Afghani-stan.

Buggies combat M RZR 2 (2 places) and M RZR 4 (4 places) have been placed in endowment also in the MARSOC, in the the 101th and 82nd Airborne and Ranger, due to the speed and capacity of these vehicles become airborne and droppable.