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We spend a lot of money on our replicas. We dedicate time and effort customising them until they look perfect. We spend even more money on accessories. We add them, remove them, move them... until our gun is unique. So, why not customise the case where we store them or transport them until it also looks "perfect" to us? We wouldn't park our Ferrari (if we had one!) on the street, risking that the paint may get scraped or that a hailstorm may break loose. To this end, we have tried these Large Hard Cases and the truth is that they are a very interesting option.



The "Nuprol Large Hard Case" or rigid suitcases by Nuprol are designed to keep our guns protected whenever we are not using them, whether during transport or when we store them at home. And this is not just because the case is shock resistant, but also because it is dust and water proof so it will remain intact no matter how many weeks we put it away in a storeroom, and even if it gets flooded!!

So you get an idea, the briefcase has an IP67 degree of protection, which according to international standard CEI 60529 is interpreted as follows:

-          The first number describes the level of dust protection, in this case is 6, which means there is no way that dust will go through under any circumstances.


-          And the second number stands for the level of protection against water, in this case 7 means that it will prevent water filtration for 30 minutes at one meter depths.


As you have seen, there are ways to take care of all the effort you have put in creating your replica so personally. Either when transporting or storing them at home your replica will remain intact. And during a match? Well, that depends solely on you...