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The speed of the game increases, your senses are sharpened, adrenaline overflows... CQB matches are probably the most demanding game mode for an airsofter. Differences between players are reduced and the highest concentration levels are demanded from each player to survive. As long as you are not looking to get hit. Do you know what "sarcasm" means? Read and think:

1.     Stay still.

Staying still is the best way for your opponent to find you and place a BB on you back. CQB is one of the most dynamic airsoft variants and moving every time you shoot will make it harder for the enemy to find you and hit you.


2.      Be a lone wolf.

Team play is overrated if you do not want to survive. Because if you make contact with the enemy, having your team by your side or being alone in a room will determine the game time you have left.  Be aware that numerical advantage is a key factor in the survival equation.


3.      First of all make sure they hear you.

If you make noise while walking, speak loudly or your team is like a bull in a china shop... these are the best ways for the enemy to know in which direction they have to shoot. Stealth is only for those who do not like to respawn.


4.      Save ammo.

Turning corners or going through doors while shooting may get you the necessary seconds to hit before you get hit, and may even serve as a technique to intimidate the rival and make him at least crouch and not shoot you. But you will have to reload the magazines more often... So reloading a lot or being hit a lot?


To be continued...