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"Protecting the Protectors," is Wiley X's motto. Glasses designed for the brutality of the battlefield, tested by elite operators for many years and under extreme conditions. Perhaps there lies the success of the tactical line being used equally in the civilian world.

Wiley X consolidates eyewear designs focused on the most demanding consumers, those who seek a quality product that is versatile enough for the day to day and can also withstand the stress of the most extreme moments and scenarios. And indeed they can boast that their products have been forged in the harshness of the battlefield.



-The main problem of any pair of glasses in a situation of tactical stress is undoubtedly the fogging-up created by the user, which is something that happens both in a civilian as in a military environment. Thanks to their previous experience, the new Wiley X models include a layer of foil that, in a nutshell, neutralises or minimises this issue. The enemy will not be a blurred image anymore!

- Sunglasses for sunny days. With grey lenses, 100% UVA/UVB rays protection, they ensure that the sun does not dazzle us when we move towards it and we can still see everything clearly, nobody likes to launch an attack while facing the sun.

- These glasses are made of a single shatter-proof Selenite polycarbonate lens that complies with ANSI Z87.1-2010 against high-impact projectile. Your eyes are safe!

- The temples of this model are designed specifically for use with ear protectors and headsets. The temples are 0.9 mm thick compared to the regular 4.00 mm of the Rouge model.

 - Do you wear prescription glasses? If so, there is nothing to worry about. This model can be coupled to the PTX RX system. This system patented by Wiley X with which we can attach our prescription lenses.


- The bridge of the glasses is adjustable in width thanks to the Take Flight system, which will make the glasses fit our faces perfectly regardless of the size and shape of our nose. This system consists essentially of flexible temples that can be easily adjusted with the fingers and can be quickly adapted.