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APS Shark Pistol, a brand-new pistol designed by APS

Change is the key to survive. After years of research and development, APS collected feedback and idea from shooter and customer, no matter they are praise or blame.  They really appreciated their valuable comment. In 2017, APS come up with a brand new pistol called “Shark” base on user wants.

What’s do they need on a pistol?

First, shooting performance of the gun has to be good. Shark Pistol gives you an average 330 FPS in 0.2g BB. You can finish all 23 rounds in 2.5 sec under full auto firing model. There is no doubt about the performance of this gun. Straight, Accurate, Power, and Durability can always be found in APS Pistol.

Second, Shark Pistol is a D-Mod Pistol. Same as APS Dragonfly, Scorpion, Spyder Pistol, Shark Pistol is fully compatible with Top Gas Magazine use.  This pistol allows you to shoot 60 rounds in one Co2 magazine and nearly 50 rounds in using Top Gas magazine which is no comparison with other Gas pistol in the market.

Third, Ambidextrous design is getting important, especially there are more and more many left handers in the field. So APS designed a brand new safety switch that could be controllable by index finger. User can simply lift the switch up or down for safety off / on. The magazine release button is also in Ambidextrous design.

Forth, Straight / Flat Trigger is used. As told by many shooters, when using straight trigger, you don’t need to move your finger to the crest of the curved trigger when shooting, therefore, your finger can be lower on the trigger which increase mechanical advantages and make it feel like a lighter trigger pull. APS agreed with them and made the trigger stroke adjustable too.


Fifth, the trigger guard is enlarged. Some users complaint the trigger guard of their current pistol is too small. Somehow if their finger is big or they wore gloves, they couldn’t reach the trigger easily. Therefore, in the APS' new pistol, they made a bigger round shape inbound trigger guard.


Sixth, griping the pistol in comfort will improve the shooting accuracy. Therefore, APS used ergonomic grip design and added texture on the grip.


Seventh, to make it further comfortable in griping, the grip pad of their new pistol is exchangeable. Standard packaging will comes with one thick and one thin pad allow user to change it as he wishes.


Eighth, many customers are are looking for a stylish pistol. Therefore APS made the pistol front to be more associated. The front of the slide and the frame are matched.

Ninth, User always wants a smooth and fast loading during battle, therefore, they made a built in magwell inside the grip, so user could load the magazine fast.


Tenth, some customers prefer using Fiber Optic sight but some prefer traditional white dot sight. Well, why not both? APS' new pistol used Fiber Optic in the front and white dot in the rear, so everyone is happy.


Eleventh, nowadays, everyone loves light weighted weapon. We follow the trend and made a light weighted slide by cutting holes on the top (CNC made)


Twelfth, dissembling and re-assembling has to be easy.  Because of this issue, we make a pistol that could be simply remove the slide by punching out the middle main pin on the gun.

Last but not least, accessories and parts are interchangeable with existing ACP Pistol (Sights, Internal mechanism, Magwell, Slides, Mags…etc). So you won’t feel bad if you still own their ACP Accessories.