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Tactical Baby Gear "Call of Daddy"

Your diaper bag isn’t your child’s accessory -- it’s YOURS.

Tactical Baby Gear is a lifestyle brand that’s heard the call of daddy. Only Tactical Baby Gear has engineered the toughest baby gear on the planet in its enthusiastic quest to provide you with the tools to handle some serious doodie. Designed with the idea that tactical is practical, Tactical Baby Gear efficiently organizes all your go-to items into one tough, dependable, military-grade tactical diaper bag. The first modular tactical diaper bag system on the market, the Tactical Baby Gear set is fully customizable and comes with multiple accessories.

When a knee gets skinned from the friendly fire of an errant skateboard, we fathers are the frontline medics who slap on a Band-Aid and send the little soldier back into battle. When hostilities break out over disputed territories in the sandbox, or when civil unrest threatens the serenity of bedtime, it is we who intervene in the name of peace. 

And it’s not just the he-man stuff. Dads are actively dedicating themselves more than ever to their children’s upbringing these days. While a generation ago tackling a diaper change may have scared off many a dad, these days dealing with a baby’s messy habits is frequently a team endeavor.

This co-parenting is a beautiful new norm that extends beyond loaded diapers -- it's a world in which parents find themselves in the trenches of child rearing together. So why are diaper bags still designed as if the wife will be the only one carrying them?

While most guys will silently suffer the frills, ruffles, and embroidered duckies of the typical diaper bag, Bluffton, SC entrepreneur Bev Brodie saw a chance to do something much cooler.

A father to two girls with his partner in business and life, Brandy Bartlett, Brodie is a life-long second amendment devotee and proud gun owner. Obviously, a frilly pink diaper bag poses a pretty serious compromise to a reputation like that. 

“When you have two girls, and you’re the ‘tactical guy’ and the ‘gun guy’ and you walk into the gun store with your pink diaper bag, you kind of feel like less of a man,” he says with a laugh. “Right?” 

When Brodie combined his drive to be a good dad with his deep interest in gun culture, he wound up creating something completely new to a market full of guys sick of diaper bag emasculation. He created Tactical Baby Gear, a line of diaper bags and accessories that look like they were ripped right out of a SWAT team van. 

The Heavy Doodie bag, one of the brand's most popular items, marries a typical diaper bag with rows of MOLLE webbing. This webbing allows for complete customization, as dads can swap out tactical pouches, bottle pouches, baby blowout pouches and the top-selling “dump pouch," which is designed for exactly what you think. 

The Heavy Doodie bag carries everything a dad needs, a weighty load as any dad will tell you, but the key element? It just plain looks cool. Not a frill to be found. Not a ducky in sight.