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Night Evolution WMLX2 Flash Light

This is the longer model of the version that replicates the Inforce WMLX (Weapon Mounted Light) Gen. 1. And although the model is almost as long (145 mm) as the M951, it is much more comfortable as it is much closer to the handguard, preventing it from getting tangled.

Link: http://night-evolution.com/e/action/ShowInfo.php?classid=58&id=69

In addition to the white light LED it offers an IR LED (invisible to the human eye but visible with night vision). It is the only model in the review that offers this feature! Although the strobe mode of the WML (Weapon Mounted Light) has been sacrificed in order to achieve this.

You can carry it in several positions just like the previous model, the only difference is the length of this model and so - to avoid any surprises with short models - make sure you check where the button is on the handguard.

It is powered by two 3V batteries which do not create more power, but rather bring about longer duration. Since it carries an IR light it is very likely that you will use this option more often than with the white light, since it does not give you away as much and so plays to your advantage.

Like the WML, the lever will prevent it from turning on accidentally, an extremely useful feature of this model, since you will not be able to see if the IR light is on or off unless you are wearing NVG.

Data sheet (data according to manufacturer):

Lumens: 200 lm
LED: White light USA CREE LED & IR LED
Batteries: 2x CR123A (3V) or 2x 16430 (3.7V)
Strobe mode: Yes
IR Mode: Yes
Light modes: 4
Frame: Picatinny
Remote button: No
Waterproof: Yes