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A new Phantom in the family

This new APS rifle is the Mk. V of the Phantom Extremis Rifles (PER) series. It concentrates all the success of the series, but APS has found ways to improve it as always. We found a gearbox with a quick spring change system, M-Lok handguard, configurable grip, the RS2 stock, etc.  Let’s see those in detail.

Link: http://www.aps-concept.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1212

Sound Amplifier flash hider

The flash hider could be one of the identity signs of this model. APS called him Sound Blaster and it amplifies the sounds of the gun when shooting, making it even more "identifiable" (to let the enemy is quickly feared). Until now, APS products were easily recognizable by their characteristic sound, and this one is even better. This type of flash hider reminds us of the famous Noveske KX5 Pig. Even if they are esthetically similar, we have to say that the performance of between these two changes as much as a real firearm and an airsoft gun.

M-Lok hand guard

APS has mounted the Evo Tech 3.0 hand guard with the M-Lok system on this PER series version. For those who might don’t know the M-Lok, it’s an accessory-mounting system developed by Magpul Industries, as a successor of the MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail (the RIS) and an alternative of the Keymod, in order to reduce the weight and the size of the guns.  And if you don’t want to change all your components, APS has included a box including various RIS options to mount on the handguard.

RS2 stock

If we had already loved the RS-1 stock when we saw at the end of 2016, APS surprises us even more with a dignified substitute: the RS-2. Just like the RS-1, it is made of military-quality polymer, guaranteeing a great durability to the product. Anyway, this model has been “shortened” to make it lighter. But don’t worry; there is enough space to put batteries.  We find a fuse inside the tube(classic in the APS rifle) that reduces the space but counterbalanced by the stock butt to put a second battery module. Adjustable in 6 positions, it has a QD attached on the inferior part for a sling (so it doesn’t have to use the other ring).

Rhino sights

The legendary Rhino sights are back! You don’t know them? Don’t worry, we are going to explain you. They are made of polymer and mounted on the RIS, so you can place them front or rear position, and they are flip up. This last detail could not catch your attention but contrarily to other models, when we fold them, we can keep using them thanks to optic fiber bars reminding us pistol gun sights.


Gearbox V2

This gearbox is a reinforced Version 2 gone through a polishing and control process to ensure a low heating and friction coefficient. Moreover, we can notice the details on the 8mm spherical bearings to reduce the gears frictions or the openings for the mechanical blowback.

Mechanical Blowback

It is equipped with the usual APS blowback system. The piece protecting the ejection window introduces two fins teeth into the gearbox so when shooting, it is pushed back by the piston generating the blowback movement.

Quick spring change system

We like it because this system is screwed to the buffer tube, so we can access to the rear part of the gearbox and change the spring without having to remove the gearbox of the rifle.


The spring guide is composed of a metal head and a plastic tube. It has spherical bearings helping the spring torsion and increase its lifetime, especially in situations of high mechanical tension such as sustained firing in automatic.

Thanks to the metal spring guide with bearings on the piston head, the helicoidally spring (M110) compresses efficiently in each shot.  Something that alone would cost to notice, but that putting it in the context of the other components of the Silver Gear Box together explain the performance of the rifle.


This piston is made of fiber, only the first tooth is made of metal. The vented piston head is made of polymer with bearing inside to improve the spring torsion on the extremities (offering a better output in auto shooting mode) and a good air compression in the cylinder.


Made of stainless steel, the cylinder has an opening on the rear part in a teardrop shape that allows adjusting the air quantity compressing each shoot serving to push the bbs through the barrel. The cylinder head is in polymer and a thicker rubber for reducing the sound at each shot.

Barrel and hop-up

This model is equipped with a 6.04 mm barrel and a metal hop-up chamber. The adjusting system is classic with three wheels and a classic semi-stiffness ring, and a “diabolo”-shape nub that increases the ring superficies in contact with the bbs to get a better hop effect.

To conclude, it is a rifle with various interesting elements:  Sound Blaster flash hider, Evo Tech 3.0 hand guard with M-Lok, ambidextrous controls, blowback, Phantom Overload grip, SR-2 stock, etc. And APS paid attention to the inner details with the Silver Gear Box. After having tested it, APS offers different products, and we love it!