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Russian Army to receive new RPK-16 machine guns already in 2018

In 2018, the Russian army will receive state-of-the-art RPK-16 machine guns. The contract for their supplies has been signed with the Kalashnikov Concern, TASS reports.

The design of the new machine gun provides for the replacement of the barrel - this peculiarity will allow using the machine gun as an assault rifle or as a hand-held machine gun. The replacement of the barrel does not require any special tools and devices. The gun butt is  foldable and telescopic. It weighs 4.5 kilograms.

The RPK-16 has already been presented to the public. As it was noted at the presentation, this is a project to upgrade the RPK-74 machine gun. The Russian Defence Ministry has ordered an experimental batch of this weapon, which the Kalashnikov Concern will have to supply in 2018.

The magazine case of the new machine gun will be able to hold 95 rounds and can be also be used for Kalashnikov assault rifles. The regular AK magazine case can also be used with the new development. The shooting rate of the RPK-16 machine gun is 700 rounds per minute.