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APS launches this model, a replica of the Blitz AR15 Ambi SBR manufactured by FALKOR Defense. This is a famous American manufacturer that focuses its production on innovation and technological advances. And that is where the new Blitz SBR comes into play.

SBR stands for Short-barreled rifle, which is the legal American denomination for use in civilian territory. Now, thanks to the agreement between these two great brands, you can enjoy one of the most advanced modern sporting rifles out there in the airsoft field. Who said that everything had already been invented in airsoft?


No, we couldn’t take our eyes off the muzzle either. It is one of the features that stands out the most. It is the FALKOR "Blast Cap" SBR Muzzle Brake, due to its thickness and length it may remind you of Noveske's KX3, although this one does not significantly alter the sound of the replica when firing. We would have liked for the gun to have used the extra length to mount a longer internal barrel that went all the way to the end.


The floating 11.5” (29 cm) “Fatty” handguard has the Falkor and MLOK branding, since except for the upper part that uses a Picatinny rail, the other three sides of the handguard carry the MLOK system. This makes for a smaller profile, without having to give up personalising it with our own accessories. Although it is still 6 cm in diameter, so it will be more comfortable to shoulder for those players with large hands. But there must be a reason why they call it "Fatty", and the thing is that the design of the real one will prevent the barrel from heating so much when firing.


A true example of minimalism and practicality. Its “L” shape reminds us of the PER MkIII from the previous 0'20 Magazine issue, although this one is a telescopic stock, which means that its length can be adjusted. It also has a greater base for shouldering purposes, which also serves as extra space in its interior for three module batteries. Although, speaking of space, you would need to solve the issue with the fuse in the tube which limits your options when choosing the battery. The only QD swivel to hook the strap is located inside.

We have all heard people saying, "Ok, just another M4" every time they see something new that starts from an AR-15 platform. However, this time we can truly say that APS has broken the mould with these Falkor replica guns. Are you ready to stand out?