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US Navy Seals VS Russian Spetsnaz

Both United States and Russia have various elite units of soldiers that have been trained both physically and mentally at extreme levels. Navy Seals and Spetsnaz are two of these finest units in the world. Today we’ll compare US Navy Seals with Russia’s Spetsnaz in this video.

1. Human Resources

The Navy SEALs have access to a much larger pool of viable candidates than their Russian counterparts. The US has greater population and its armed forces are comparatively bigger.

2. Selection & Training

To join Navy SEALs you need to be a natural born or naturalized American between the ages of 18 and 28. They must also go through an extreme test of endurance known as "Hell week".

Only about half of the candidates survive the training. Navy SEALs are organized into Teams 1 to 5 and 7 to 10, some of them with a specialty beyond their already intelligent and deadly skill set. For examples SEAL Team 2 specializes in arctic combat. But if we are trying to compare the toughest with the toughest, we have to talk about SEAL Team 6.

On the other hand, even today the specific details of Spetsnaz training are secret material. Born in the mid-1950s, during the Cold War, the Soviet Spetsnaz were originally specialized in missions of stealth, sabotage and even infiltration. Their fighting technique is -called 'sambo'.

3. Gear & Equipment

The SEALS have an extremely large and exclusive budget which allows them to buy top notch gear. However a lot of it depends on the particular mission they will be conducting. The weaponry may include Light machine guns, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles....

In terms of specialized equipment the Spetsnaz have wide array of custom made electronics, weapons, software-development muscle and capital intensive modifications of common military platforms...

4. Deployment

In terms of physical access intelligence and support infrastructure, the US leads by far. This includes aircraft carriers, fastest vessels and presence of numerous military bases across the globe. Spetsnaz would find it almost impossible to deploy.

In addition to naval assets US has some unique air resources, such as Boeing V-22, Comanche and Little Bird helicopters, which are specifically designed for the Special Forces.

5. Media Exposure

Members of both units are known as “quiet professionals” and are notorious for being massively secretive. Unfortunately, with today’s social media, 24-hour news coverage and leaks within the government… While both units carry out high profile missions, however Navy SEALs has gained much more notoriety and unwanted media exposure in recent years due to government leaks, and Hollywood blockbuster movies such as Zero Dark Thirty.

So what do you think that which Special Forces unit is better? US Navy Seals or Russian Spetsnaz? Let us know in comments