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Chinese SWAT with Modded Type 79 Submachine Guns

Seen at thefirearmblog.com

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army have all but abandoned the venerable Type 79 Submachine Gun in favour of the newer QCW-05 bullpup personal defence weapon. It seems, however, that the Type 79 remains popular with China’s SWAT teams.

Photos of upgraded and modded Type 79s have emerged. The ageing Submachine guns have been outfitted with new rails, stocks, accessories, and optics to bring them into the 21st Century. Originally developed in the late 1970s, the Type 79 is a select fire submachine gun chambered in 7.62×25mm Tokarev. While the Type 79s has a formidable rate of fire, around approximately 1,000 rpm and the benefit of the ease of maintenance, it was superseded by the QCW-05/Type 05 in the mid-2000s.

The Type 05 ‘Qiāng Chōngfēng Wēishēng’, or suppressed submachine gun, has a number of impressive features including a quad stack 50 round magazine, subsonic 5.8×21mm ammunition and a compact bullpup layout

Adaptations to the Type 79 are no new thing, the process began back in the early 2000s. This photograph below from 2011 shows how Guangzhou Police refitted their Type 79s with a railed forend for optics and accessories mounting as well as a new muzzle device.