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By Bull Airsoft Sniper

Playing as a sniper, recording your games and standing out on YouTube is not something that can be achieved overnight. In my case, as I suppose most people did, I started playing assault, but did not stop watching videos on YouTube of other snipers like Novritsch or Vavann. And since I've always liked editing videos, this was a good way to combine both hobbies.



The truth is that I felt a greater need to record games than to become a sniper. But obviously I needed a good replica and that is where I started: I bought my first VSR10 by Tokyo Marui and began to upgrade it little by little. And I have never stopped doing it to this day, which I think for me is the closest thing to being satisfied with a replica.

Then, when I had the chance, I bought a GoPro and a Mobius and started my journey with a YouTube channel. At first I wanted to be like other youtubers who make videos but, over time, I began creating my own identity, editing and playing style.

And although even today I continue learning from my mistakes and gaining experience, I would like to share with you all what I have learned during these years to help, as much as I can, anyone who is thinking about joining the club.