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How hit 145 players in a row with a pistol

If you have an automatic pistol, you will have felt the frustration when the, say 23 BB magazine runs out so fast that you do not even enjoy the burst. That is why someone invented extended magazines, but it was still not enough.

Now HFC surprises us with a drum magazine for Glock type pistols like the one for the real models. And now you can finally get the most of the full-automatic mode of your secondary weapon.

1) Open the side lid, feed the BBs inside and close the lid.

2) Turn the dial clockwise until you see the balls move up to the top of the magazine.

3) Reopen the side lid and add more BBs.

4) Keep turning the dial up to approximately 40 total turns.

5) Place the magazine face down and puncture the gas with the tank perfectly perpendicular to the magazine for approximately 25 seconds.

6) If you notice gas leaking ahead of time, try heating the magazine until it reaches room temperature before attempting it again.

7) Place the magazine in the gun, cock it and get ready to shoot as if there was no tomorrow!