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Which one would win?

The General Director of Russian Helicopters holding, Andréi Shibitov, assures that the Mi-28 and Ka-52 Alligator have nothing to envy of the American Apache and other foreign machines regarding their electronic systems.


"The Mi-28 and Ka-52 are at the same level than the American Apache about electronics", stated Shibitov  to RIA Nóvosti in a conferenced called "Information technologies at the service of the military industrial complex" hosted in Kazan.

The leading director specified that "a decade ago Russia was 10-15 years behind on electronic systems, while today the gap is inexistent"ente ya no existe".

The AH-64 Apache is an fighting helicopter from the United States. Bi-engine with main and rear rotors, 2-seat cabin. It can accomplish attack mission against tanks, escort and chopper-hunting missions. Operative capabilities at day and night. It has available a sensor system on the front to acquire and designate objectives with night vision.

It basic weaponery consists of an automatic M230 30mm cannon, placed right beneath the fuselage between the front wheels. It's also geared up with anti-tank missiles AGM-114 Hellfire and Hydra 70 rockets attached to each one of the four mounts on its lateral wings. Nevertheless, it can carry anti-aircraft missiles AIM-92 Stinger or AIM-9 Sidewinder on the extreme of the wings.