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SCARAB kit from Maxtact

Since SCAR H became MK17, the Sniper Rifle of Navy SEALs, the most affordable brand "WE" cross my mind. 

Compare to the VFC, you can still save some money for upgrade kits like tight-bore barrel, hop-up rubber etc. 

However, When I tried out my SCAR H couple of mags, I noticed a serious problem, the barrel extension screws.

Strong recoil means the bolt carrier will hold the same energy slam right back at barrel extension, and these 2.88mm screws simply couldn't hold on, eventually cause misalign valves between bolt and magazine.     

​UP: WE Original
DOWN: Maxtact SCARAB Kit

After I disassemble WE SCAR H, and I thought " Hey! I can make several enhancements in one kit! "

Start from the very first problem, Maxtact made these screw supports with T6061 aluminum, and enlarge the size of screws from 2.88mm (thinnest center diameter) up to 5.88mm, fixed the barrel extension moving problem once for all.

"Speed is fine, but accuracy is final",  so I redesign the barrel with the free-floating system, makes no interference from lower rail.

Put two more holes in the barrel extension in order to pin down the hop-up chamber unit so it can withstand strong impact force from bolt carrier.

For the RS parts user, you can also install your rail with our kit, without any modification (except WE upper receiver and your RS lower barrel support).

UP: Maxtact SCARAB Kit (Barrel, barrel nut and barrel Extension)
DOWN: WE Original

After all, I believe every Airsoft player should enjoy the game, and stop worry about their gears. Although this kit is too tough and we can only sell you once (with an exception of 2 or more SCARs), bad for us, good for you!