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There is no need to know Latin to be able to understand the sentence in the heading, which would translate as: “If you want peace, prepare for war” A great motto displayed on the side of this gun, with yet another nod through the branding on the safety, which displays the word “pax” (peace) on the locked position, and “bellum” (war) on the unlocked position. 

You will unlock the safety and pull the trigger to unleash war, or BELLUM, in Latin. BELLUM.

New looks

This model has new features of the original M9.

·         The barrel protrudes out of the slide offering a threaded end protected by a thread cover. This -14 mm or 14 CCW thread can be used to attach silencers or compensators. The second option is becoming very popular in the real gun market and Secutor is already including it in models such as Gladius Custom or Rudis Custom. Will there be compensators for the Bellum series in the future?

·         The lower RIS can be used to attach accessories such as flashlights, lasers or even small grenade launchers. Although since it is not a Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913) it does not have the usual serration, but a single slot for holding the attachment.


Following the trend of the real gun market, it has some flat and rugged areas that will help to place your hands in the correct position. The flat areas also serve two other purposes.

-          Firstly, an aesthetic one; so that it stands out from classic models. As we mentioned before, this a trend among North American custom gun manufacturers.

-          And the second purpose would be to provide users with a perfect surface to create our own stippling. (There are several styles and designs that shooters make in their models).