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When you fire with a pair of night vision goggles on, you will not be able to rely on your eyesight as comfortably as you normally would, but that is why infrared aiming systems were invented. Shooting using an IR laser is very intuitive when you wear NVG and you will only be visible to other tea mates with night vision gear.

This equipment is very common among operators, and while it is not so much among airsofters, we must admit that in addition to the tactical advantage it also looks pretty cool, something we all seek. And to achieve this we bring you these options by Element Airsoft.


EX276 / EX396 / EX416

These three devices are replicas of the LA-5 ATPIAL (Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Light) manufactured by Insight Technology. It is very similar to the popular AN/PEQ15 (heir of the AN/ PEQ2, both of the same brand). But with a significant difference,among others, and is that at the request of Special Forces, the flashlight is adjusted by two threads without the need for tools, while you need a flat screwdriver in other models. The looks and features from those 3 Element products are the most realistic for version now.

The differences between the three Element models are very subtle. Externally the EX396 and the EX416 are identical, and the only difference is that the first has a red laser and the second a green one, although both have an IR laser. And compared to the EX276 the differences are that the cover of the batteries compartment is flat, whereas in the other two it has a trapezoid shape, the design of the stickers and that it does not have the letters UHP printed on the button.

When using it, you have to be careful with the lids since they come with rubber bands so as not to lose them, they can return to their original position covering the lenses. Which in the case of the flashlight considerably reduces the light beam (something that may be to your advantage in some cases) but that completely covers the laser beam, which can be an issue.

The three models are available in black and desert sand. They are powered by two CR123A batteries and will allow you to vary between visible light, IR laser and visible laser in their multiple combinations.