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Rapier is the name of this Avalon model. It was a sword with a long straight blade, which was worn as a fashion accessory and as a of self-defence weapon. It is easy to see the similarity with this long, slender model, in such a cool grey colour which is extremely effective when shooting and taking down the enemies.


The Rapier is designed around the shooter. For example, its light 13” tubular handguard made of aluminium alloy uses a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail only on the top, the rest left for Keymod purposes. Therefore offering a much smaller profile and allowing the shooter a more comfortable grip, while reducing the weight of the rifle so that the player can set it up with the accessories he needs.



The shooter can keep full control over the replica at all times. And so the controls are ambidextrous. It shows in the fire selector, where there is a custom design that we already loved in the Leopard or Gladius series. And also in the the magazine release, allowing us fast reloading independently of which hand we are using. In short, this rifle is designed so that you can take care of a great variety of tactical situations more calmly.


Its grey colour strengthens its popularity and is the only colour in which this model is available at the moment. This colour can already be found in the catalogue of real weapon manufacturers like Magpul or Bravo Company. The anodised Urban Grey of the Rapier makes them more special.


The replica is packed with quality details such as the Crusader VG556 muzzle; the foldable sights Knight Armament style (front sight in KAC PDW style and rear sight similar to the Micro 300m); the straight and lightened trigger, with a lightning shape that allows faster firing by having a shorter travel; the armoured and oversized QRS trigger guard for a more comfortable use with gloves; or the QRS pistol grip, with an anti-slip texture and grip-adaptor, so comfortable when gripping. 


This model carries a tube stock with a design that reminds us of the B5 Systems (in fact, it even has its logo engraved). A minimalist design, which maximises the space to carry the batteries. Just like the peak design of the B5, it is designed so that it falls perfectly in when you shoulder it.