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GATE is a Polish brand designing and producing the most innovative AEG Control Systems and MOSFETs. It has been operating on the market for almost a decade. GATE control units are the number one choice for many airsoft players looking for upgrades. Thanks to their products, your typical skirmish becomes a more exciting experience. The variety of functions and protections offered by GATE Controllers and MOSFETs to your gun is enormous.

Because of the unique cooperation between GATE and Specna Arms, carbines from the EDGE series have a built-in X-ASR MOSFET. The 4th generation MOSFET from the Polish brand is a highly reliable and technologically advanced AEG controller. Its main functions and special features increase performance and the durability of EDGE replicas. MOSFET X-ASR has automatic resettable Protection Against Reverse Polarity which protects the unit or motor from damages resulting from a reverse connection. To ensure the higher level of safety of components, the controller was equipped with Smart Fuse that prevents from overloading and overheating. Furthermore, GATE’s unit has built-in self-test – 2 LED, that allows users to run quick troubleshooting right on the battlefield. In terms of performance, built-in unit offer gives EDGE replicas faster trigger response and increased rate of fire.

Do you want to read more about GATE units or Specna Arms replicas? Visit www.specnarms.com and https://gatee.eu/