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Specna Arms presents... SA-G series!

Specna Arms, the well-known brand on the airsoft market, presents SA-G series! In terms of the craftsmanship, SA-G replicas can compete with replicas produced by top manufacturers! G-Series consists of carbines in several interesting configurations, including models equipped with an integrated scope, bipod or a KeyMod handguard.

The replica is made of visually pleasing, matte polymer and characteristic of its very good alignment of parts. The more important elements are joined with pins. This way we can easily change specific elements such as the magazine well. The receiver of the replica is made of solid polymer and features an individual serial number, manufacturer markings and aesthetic fire mode selector symbols. On the top of the replica, we can find a 1.5x fixed zoom scope and a classic transport handle with a RIS 22 mm rail. The replica has an adjustable and side folding stock. This functional solution makes transportation much more convenient and helps shooter to operate in tight spaces. To improve the tactical look, the replica is equipped with a flash hider mounted on the metal barrel with a 14 mm CW thread.