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Red dots? Nah, thermal sights!

We still had something to discover, like these mini-T10 devices of thermal image developed by Torrey Pines Logic.

They are not holographic sights, at least not just that. They are tiny thermal displays, as we do mean tiny. A comparison with a 100 bucks bill can explain it all. There are three available versions:

- T10-S (50 degrees of FoV, 9Hz video)

- T10-N (25 degrees of FoV, 9Hz video)

- T10-M (50 degrees of FoV, 30Hz video)

T10-M model is aimed for the professional sector, BUT, luckily, none of them are restricted to be sold (further than its price, from $400 to $800). It might seem high, nonetheless they are sights and thermal displays in one element. It's up to every person to decide if the price is worthwhile!