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New ORION gearbox by Specna Arms

We find in the heart of EDGE replicas the new Gearbox ORION designed and manufactured by Specna Arms. This new gearbox model is based on a stronger and more resistant structure. Some internal parts are made of aluminum and steel to create a resistant set that meets the demands of the most demanding players.

In the gearbox you will find a piston with steel teeth for extended life of the complete block, an aluminum nozzle with internal O-ring for reduction of air loss and an aluminum piston head on bearings for increase the FPS.

Thanks to the special collaboration between GATE and Specna Arms, the rifles of the EDGE series have an integrated X-ASR MOSFET. The fourth generation of MOSFET Polish brand is highly and technologically very efficient.

Specna Arms has announced that the new models of the Edge series will integrate GATE's new Aster MOSFETs.