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REVO is the name of what is going to blow up at ICS

ICS presents a novelty that revolutionizes the way we are going to see gun replicas from now on. They have developed a new system of valves that they have called REVO and with which the performance of our magazines will improve considerably.

As you will see in the video that we share at the end, this system consists of two parts:

Quantitative Injection Valve

An interesting upgrade that will help us to load more liquid gas in our magazines improving the gun's autonomy (that is the time that we may be shooting before having to reload the gas).

- 30% more gas injection capacity
- quantitative gas capacity
- quantitative pressure control

Performance Releasing Valve

With these new valves, new O-ring and spring, we will be able to regulate the amount of gas that comes out with each shot adjusting the performance of the gun at the time of year (it is not the same playing in summer at 40ºC than in winter at 10ºC).

- Efficient gas release
- High-pressure gas release
- Adjustable gas release

(Photo credit: @25th Mountaineers)

And here we share the video from the ICS YouTube channel where they explain all about it. We will be able to see on live the working of these two parts.