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SRU already is a well-established brand despite the fact that many have not heard of it until now. This brand began manufacturing pistol replicas, for those who have not seen them they had metallic slides with very original designs, different from the realistic models we were used to. The production was of an exquisite quality, but when working in metal they had to open moulds for each model, which sky rocketed the production costs (or at least in relation to the amount of new designs they were able to conceive).

Now, everything changes since they have switched to industrial 3D printing technology, an obviously much more resistant option than the domestic versions that we can manufacture at home. The rules were different now, and thanks to it they offer a whole world of possibilities so that players can reconvert their replicas in totally different models without having to spend the money of a new replica. A true 2x1 for our "airsenal".

SRU SR BUP K2 kit for KJ Works KC02 rifle

The KC02 by KJ Works is a model that replicates the Ruger 10/22 Tactical. A small calibre carbine by KJ with great performance in its GBB version for airsoft. And while the model does not seem to be very customisable in terms of its appearance, with this SRU kit you can achieve a totally different model but that manages to keep the great original performance.

At first glance, it is worth noting that the kit turns the rifle into a bullpup, so that the magazine is located behind the trigger. This obviously reduces the length of the model, making it more manoeuvrable, without giving up the original length of the barrel. Enabling the replica to have the same scope and precision but making it more suitable for playing in enclosed spaces.

The new straight trigger may slightly reduce the distance, but it is somewhat harder since it does not longer release the piston directly, but it carries a return to the original trigger of the replica to do so.

To assemble this kit, you will need to disassemble your KC02, to assemble only the essential parts in the kit. The instruction manual as a thorough explanation on how to install it step by step, but if you are not very skilled you can also leave it to your local mechanic.

The kit takes advantage of the original upper rail of the replica’s body although you cannot attach anything other than the kit’s rail. And once the rail is mounted, you will be able to place the folding sights of the KC02 or any scope that you wish. In addition, we have three extra Picatinny rails on the sides and lower body to be able to attach more accessories.

While we have only seen this kit in particular in black, it is common to find the products of this brand in a variety of colours. Even in white, a colour that, in principle, would only be effective in a snowy environment, opens the possibility of painting the replica of any colour of our choice, anyone feeling creative?!

And speaking of the SRU catalogue, if you check their website you will find kits for all types of replicas. For example, the SR-PDW-K works with guns; but we have the SR BUP11 that they just released for a submachine gun; SR AK47 Bullpup for AKs; without forgetting the snipers, with its VSR10 SNP Advanced Kit. There are multiple replicas categories, with several options in each and, besides, in various colours.

As you can see the tactical possibilities offered by the KC02 increase further thanks to this SRU kit. It has become almost unrecognisable from an aesthetic point of view while offering a new world of possibilities to set it up to your liking.