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A Battle Royale FOR REAL with a £100,000 reward!

An anonymous man intends to perform a nearly real royal battle of 100 people for three days on a private island, where the last person standing will receive a reward.



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This is not a joke, since this event and this petition are recorded at Hush Hush, where this anonymous millionaire offers for the work of the scenographer an allowance of 1500 pounds a day, with a project lasting six weeks and a total amount of 45,000 pounds.

He is looking for a private island to organize a very special championship, a Battle Royale IRL (except that nobody kills himself). Participants will receive airsoft replicas, ammo and armor to make it as real as possible, as the event will last three days.

We are sure that many of you would like to participate in this experience, much like the "Hunger Games". But to make it even more interesting, the billionaire will offer a major reward to the winner: more than 100,000 pounds.

To win, as we said, you will only have three days, where you will fight for 12 hours, and then camp at night with food, camping gear and all the necessaries of life.

So that everything goes well from the beginning to the end, they will need a gamemaker, a professional designer who can help the organizers to design the arena ...