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EX454 DBAL-D2 green laser version, the new product from Element

The DBAL-D2 (Double Beam Aiming Laser) is a versatile infrared laser from Steiner. Full name is Dual Beam Aiming Laser with IR LED Illuminator. DBAL-D2 is roughly the same size as AN / PEQ-16B.

When you get the DBAL-D2, its tank-like appearance will definitely impress you, and it is obvious that it is full of power. The presence of an infrared LED illuminator distinguishes the DBAL-D2 from conventional lasers. As the name implies, the LED white light emitting port is also designed with special functions. When the transparent glass piece of the LED port is replaced with the infrared filter piece worn by the product, the IR fill lamp can be turned on and off by the gear position control. The IR-enabled laser can be used at night or in dim conditions when the shooter uses night vision goggles.

A double-beam that sounds very high is aimed at the laser system. Steiner designed the visible laser port and IR laser port very close. The dual beam aiming means to adjust the IR and visible laser together. Both the upper and lower lasers are slaves, meaning that they are adjusted at the same time when you return to zero, which greatly facilitates adjustment and calibration.

When choosing the color of the laser pointer, among the red and green, the green color is more popular among players. Because the human eye is more sensitive to green wavelength light, making the green laser more conspicuous! Forced to be higher! Research tests have shown that when the red and green lasers are projected side by side, the green laser looks brighter and will be more noticeable at a distance. In bright environments, the visible visibility of a green laser is about five times that of a standard red laser.