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ORION gearbox by Specna Arms, revolutionary?

EDGE series is equipped with ORION gearbox designed by Specna Arms.

ORION gearbox is based on a reinforced frame and equipped with the function of the main spring release. The gearbox has arrays of high-grade parts right out of the box, which makes it characteristic for its reliability and preparedness for further tuning. ORION gearbox is ready for cooperation with M140 springs.

It has a quick spring change system1 , with a spring guide with bearings2 that together with the aluminium piston head3 that also has bearings, achieves a better torsion of the spring4 in each shot.

It also comes with a piston with steel toothing5, an aluminium cylinder head6 , and an aluminium nozzle7 with an internal O-ring for reducing air loss. To help achieve extra precision and smoothness, EDGE replicas use 8mm bearings8 in which steelgears turn9

The hop-up chamber10 is made of polymer in a striking blue colour, which follows the cross wheel design. It has a precision internal barrel (6.03 mm)11 to get a tighter and accurate shot.

The replicas of the EDGE series have an integrated X-ASR MOSFET. The fourth GATE MOSFET generation, a Polish brand that designs and produces the most innovative control systems for AEGs and MOSFETs. 

Its main functions and special features increase the performance and durability of EDGE replicas. The MOSFET X-ASR has an automatically resettable polarity-repelling protector, which protects the unit or motor from damage that may result from a polarity change in the connection.

To ensure the highest level of component safety, the controller is equipped with an intelligent fuse that prevents overload and overheating.

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