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This XPD model is the first compact gun by ICS within its Black Leopard Eye (BLE) pistols series. Perfect to hide in games where you should not draw attention or in a vest, with all the evolutions that this brand is developing, taking up the smallest possible space. And indeed, less is more.

External barrel with internal 14 mm thread where you can screw the independent adapter included in the box to attach silencers or compensators.

Rail for accessories such as flashlights, lasers or small grenade launchers. Being such a compact model, the rail only has two teeth so that many accessories may stick out.

Triple safety system. One tab under the barrel and the second double lever on the trigger, in the style of Glock airsoft replicas. The third, a grip on the grip, in the style of 1911.

It has a 3-point luminescent aiming system, perfect for intuitively aiming in low light situations as most CQB tend to be.

When cocking the pistol, the firing pin sticks out from the rear of the slide, indicating that it is loaded. And it returns to its original position when firing.

It comes standard with a short gas magazine with capacity for 17 BBs, while there is a 23 BB extended version. Both with a magazine extender that makes gripping very comfortable.

It comes with an internal 6.5 cm barrel with adjustable TM type hop-up, which may seem very short, but it needs to be that way for such a compact model, but when firing it has the precision we expect from a gun.

Having big hands is not an excuse, this model works well for all types of players. Especially if you use long magazines that enable a better support of the fingers. And its performance is outstanding, at just like all ICS guns. In short, a small but deadly gun.