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How do you carry your guns?

We have a lot of equipment to play, and of all kinds! And that's without counting replicas! When you go to play, one of the mandatory elements is the carrying holsters.

Holsters are probably the most common and the most economical. They are perfect for carrying replicas but they are usually the least secure.

The latest 8Fields product (unbeatable quality/price ratio) is made of 1000D polyester, with a waterproof coating and padded inner lining to protect and secure replicas.

This holster is designed to hold a single long replica. It is very practical to carry, even for long "walks", thanks to its handles, the strap with clip and the back also padded.

Inside, several velcro are thought to attach accessories. On the outside, there are also compartments for accessories, velcro areas and MOLLE at the front that can be disassembled by detaching the clips.