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How to paint your replica

The painted replicas are cool, but you have to know how to paint them if you do not want them to end up looking like an Ecce Homo. But we find many techniques and we can look for very different results, here we are going to leave some for you to have where to start.

Or do you already have your replicas painted? Because in that case we would like to know how you did it and show us the result. Leave us in comments on experience:

KRYLON EN AIRSOFT | Capsule Airsoft España
by Capsule Airsoft España

S01.E05 / Paintjob de vieillissement (Airsoft) - (ENG sub)
by Gear Locker

How to paint your AR-15
by Garand Thumb

Cómo pintar tu réplica de airsoft | Kamikaze Airsoft España
by KaMiKaZe Airsoft España

Comment peindre à la bombe sa réplique Airsoft ?
by TeamGIRA