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T-Dean Vs Tamiya: which one do you prefer?

Normally, replica manufacturers mount Tamiya connectors, the most common ones that are easier to find for battery manufacturers themselves. But who came first: the egg or the chicken?

In the meantime, all airsoft players play with Tamiya connectors... All? No! An online village populated by irreducible airsofters resists. But what does this people want? They want manufacturers to stop using this system and definitely switch to Dean connectors as manufacturers such as G&P who have been doing it for some time now.

This system has many advantages, for example:

They have put together an initiative you can find here: airsofttplug.com where you will find more information, you will see what brands are involved, and you can sign the petition yourself and see the progress.

And for what purpose? By 2021 the Tamiya connectors are only in the past and all the new T-Dean connectors are used.