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Newest Phantom Extremis Rifles MKIX SBR AEG rifle standard comes with Super Dynamic Micro Chip Unit (SDU1.0) with built in MOSFET system that you shouldn’t miss in this summer 2019.

Use of e-Silver Edge Gear Box (Ambidextrous design)

After years of development, APS finally released their first Electronic Gear Box, named eSilver Edge Gear Box. A Super Dynamic Micro Chip Unitthat work together with magnet gears set, reinforced piston, quick change spring guide and micro switch trigger that gives you instant trigger response when shooting.  The circuit board of the micro-chip is replaceable, repairing is easy and friendly. The chip is programmed to protect the gearbox when the electric current is too high. This eSilver Edge Gear Box standard comes with full steel teeth piston and ambidextrous design which are rarely seen in the market. Parts are TM compatible, which means further upgrade is available if needs in our PER MKIX SBR.


Combat Style of weapon

PER MKIXSBR comes with 10.5” M-LOK RIS Hand Guard and full black appearance,even the mock bolt plate is painted in black to make the guns looks more tactical and heavy duty. Guns in full black color made the guns looks more realist in Milsim game.

DYTAC DAG M4 ergonomic grip use

Dynamic Tactical (DYTAC) company has long been famous in producing high quality aftermarket parts and accessories.  So in APS Phantom Extremis PER708 rifle, we worked with DYTAC company and put their new ergonomic grip (DY-GP14-BK DAG M4) on this rifle. The grip is made of high density polymer and angle reduced to improve ergonomics. We believe Airsoft player will love to see more crossover product in our weapon list.

New Hawk Back Up Sight and Dynamic Hand Stop use

PER MKIXSBR standard comes with APS New Hawk flip up sights and dynamic hand stop which assist player in aiming and handling the gun. M-LOK and Mid-Std 1913 rail system are being used in this gun.


l   eSilver Edge GearBox (SDU 1.0) ECU Chips

l   Quick Change Spring System on the Gear Box

l   Polished and Buffed Gear Box surface improves smoothness and Prevent Corrosion

l   8mm Ball Bearing, Bearing Piston Head and Bearing Spring Guide used

l   100% TM Compatible Parts

l   Mirco Trigger Switch for instant trigger response

l   Build in MOSFET on the SDU1.0 Chips to cut the power when Ampre is too high.

l   New Hawk flip up sights and dynamic hand stop

l   DYTAC pistol grip

l   Metal Body, Gear Box, Butt Stock and Hand Guard

l   Inner barrel size: 6.03mm

l   Magazine Hi-Cap : 300bb

l   Ambi fire selector and Ambi magazine release