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Scope sights for marksmen!

The US Navy SEAL along with the Crane Division of the NSWC, developed a light and handy rifle, but at the same time it was a precise weapon that would equip the SEAL sniper teams with a lethal model that followed the M4 standards.

This SEAL Recon Rifle is better known as "Recce Rifle". Do you remember it now?

This has not lasted a lot in reaching the airsoft, for those who are not satisfied with models of 7,62 to play as marksmen, but use zoom sights to manage the high precision that get our rifle replicas.

So it is not uncommon to find M4 that exceed the 55 meters range that have mounted optical systems such as this one:

AIM-O I-R 4x32

It is a considerably compact sight, on which we can attach, thanks to its rails accessories RIS as cameras, RMR, or any other complement that we can mount thanks to the universality of this system.

It is a product of great quality, but what do you think according to your experience playing with this kind of sights? Have you tested them with replicas that exceed 50 meters in range?