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What are the reasons for the dissolution of an airsoft team?

Why does this phenomenon occur in the world of airsoft?

I have been playing airsoft for several years and I have had the time to meet many associations which, unfortunately and for different reasons, have disappeared or split up to form new associations which subsequently separated then reform and so on.



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That's why I wonder, what are the causes of this phenomenon?

I'm sure many of you, as airsoft players, have wondered the same thing at one time or another.

We think we must be prepared to face this situation because, believe it or not, there are many factors that drive a team to continue or not.

In my case, I did not have to complain and I must admit that we had good times like less good with my team, but we always knew how to overcome and especially to learn from our mistakes for do not commit them anymore.

The most important in times of crisis is to count on a group of people with an effective leader who, through his efforts and determination, encourages and motivates all members of the team to continue and improve.

I'm sure you've already taken control of a team, and you know it's not an easy task for the simple reason that each member has a different way of being, with its qualities and flaws. This is why we must know how to stimulate the positive aspects of each and try to give less importance to the more negative aspects.

If you are the leader, you will ask yourself several times "what did I do wrong?" And the answer will be hard to find.

One of the most common reasons is that many players make airsoft their weekend hobby, that is to say, arrive on Sunday morning, get dressed, prepare their stuff, shoot bbs and leave tired but happy.

But obviously, so that everything goes well on the weekend, it is necessary to prepare during the week the whole scenario, to calculate the needs of the game, to go on the field so that everything is ready.

It will also be attentive during the gameplay, everything is well planned and avoid any type of problem or dispute of any kind.

Another point of friction: lack of attendance during the game. We must understand that it is not mandatory to attend all parties, each to his family, his work... or simply it may be that one Sunday, our only desire is to stay in bed.

Another cause of separation of a team: the monotony, that is to say, play the same gameplays, do not innovate... It is very important to motivate your team by realizing new activities or by going to play with other teams. This will allow you to learn and share experiences.

Another important aspect is to help new members to integrate, listen to their ideas and suggestions because they will be in charge of the team in the future.

In summary, the airsoft is a wonderful sport where we can spend great moments with long-standing friends or new ones, but for everything to work, everyone has to give their own to avoid the emergence of internal problems... It is necessary to speak, to communicate and to avoid that a stupidity turns into a problem difficult to manage.

Text: Thor