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Everything about the new COD Modern Warfare

Good, before starting. We know, it's not airsoft, it's a video game. But we must recognize that airsofters love everything about pew pew: movies, series, books, video games, photos, videos...

Let's go back to the main theme. The launch of the trailer Modern Warfare is a real success, this video says a lot:

There is still time before October 25. But before the launch date, we will have the opportunity to play the Beta, or to see gameplays, more trailers... Awesome? Yes. Spectacular? Yes. We liked it? F*** yes! But did you really pay attention? Here are some details that you may have missed.

It bears the same name of the saga that started with the CoD 4: MW in 2007, followed by other titles and which unfortunately (in our opinion) took a futuristic turn with too many fantasies.

Although in 2016 a remastered version was launched, the game that will be released in October is completely new (and it promises).

And today we will be interested in multiplayer mode 2 vs 2, and it is the most similar to what we will find in airsoft. Do not you think?

What do you think of this game mode on such a small map where everything depends on your teammate?

Can we learn things about WWII by playing Call of Duty?

A video game is just a game. You play,you have fun... but can we learn history by playing? Good question. We are sure that before you answer, you are already thinking of a few games such as: Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield... and hundreds of others.

For example, take this video from the story of the Call of Duty: WW2 and see if it's any more effective than books, notes or photocopies from high school...

And this is not the only game, we now offer a list! Feel free to tell us in comments if we have forgotten:


Battlefield 1942

Call of Duty 2

World of Warplanes

World of Warships