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Something you always wanted to know about LONE SURVIVOR

Surely if we meet the people of Lone Survivor we would think of tons of questions with which to riddle them to try to satisfy our curiosity, but after seeing the movie we always have a thorn stuck.

Would they really throw themselves on those rocks? Did they use doubles with a more than impressive resemblance?

Well, we have delved into the issue and we have discovered a gold mine than in which we have found much more information than we were expect.

The training before the movie:

Shooting scenes:

Attentive to the curiosities that appear at the bottom, they are things that surely you did not know. We were very surprised!

Life after the movie:

Marcus Luttrell not only survived the mission, wrote a book, participated in the fil ... but now participates in many projects such as this collaboration on the Vigilance Elite YouTube channel with other special forces operators.