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The TT30 was designed by Fedor Tokarev in the beginning of 1930 with the objective to substitute the soviet army's Nagant M1985 revolver. TT30 is the natural evolution of M1985 and was used by Soviets during the WWII. 

A well made replica made by SRC. The Taiwanese factory has not only made a pistol gun with a good performance, also the box where the pistol comes will surprise you.


  • Manufacturer: SRC
  • Model: SR-33
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Body: Full Metal
  • Weight: 610 g
  • Length: 195 mm
  • Barrel length: 100 mm
  • Powered by Green Gas
  • Muzzle velocity: 280 fps (con 0,20 g bbs)
  • Hop-up ajustable
  • Blowback
  • Mag capacity: 11+1 bbs


The pistol comes in a 310x200x70mm polymer transport box, finished with a metalic plate. It's a limited edition as it comes with a serial number with cyrilic characters.

Body and slide are made with a zinc alloy, and grip panels with hard polymer, easily detachable. On the left side there is a ring to hook a safety sling.


The design of leves and buttons are faithful to the real model. Iron sights are fixed, same as the 1940 model.

The trigger is quite hard to actuate and it generates a flawless firing cycle with a loud metalic sound. However, blowback feeling isn't as present as we would wish.

The dissasembly is basic and we can proceed without any tool. Inner barrel is provided with a o-ring for easier centering.

And here's a video if you still want to know more about this gun!