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The AR15 versions (the famous M4) that use 9 mm pistol ammunition have become popular among civilian shooters due to the experience of firing a rifle without the limitations of firing a large calibre.

In airsoft, these replicas are also attracting followers among CQB players or those who are fed up with the M4 classics. Its compact design, lightness and high performance make you look at airsoft with from a new perspective.

The design of this replica is so well thought out that it can fit a 3-body battery in addition to the mosfet in the stock area, something unusual in these types of stocks from other brands.

Read full article: http://www.020mag.com/magazine/mobile/28/page/13  

The pistol grip in turn has a 20º inclination (instead of the 30º of the classic A2, or 25º of the MOE by Magpul) so that when the pistol grip is held the index finger falls naturally on the trigger and makes the hand more relaxed when firing. Not to mention the handguard that between the M-LOK and the recess of the RIS at the top (Komodo style) makes the grip like that of tactical carbines. 

Every detail has been analysed and designed for the player, such as the extra space for the battery (the big pain in the ass in this type of stocks), the ambidextrous controls so useful in CQB where we make so many hand changes when turning corners or the magazine's release at the bottom, next to the handguard. Something a little odd at first due to lack of habit but that becomes most useful when playing, leading to faster reloads.

Read full article: http://www.020mag.com/magazine/mobile/28/page/13