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New 0'20 Magazine is available!

The new 0'20 Magazine is available! Both paper and digital editions are FREE to browse. 



You prefer to read digital ver.? no problem at all, you can read via your computer or mobile for this online edition, with extra videos, music, photo galleries etc... An interactive magazine!

That guy who gets hit over and over again, the one who raises his hand every few seconds, he who does not get tired from coming and going to the respawn constantly. That guy. That is the guy who makes airsoft great.

It is he who does not betray himself and remains true to his beliefs. It is he who feels reciprocal bonds of honour and loyalty to his fellow players. The one who still remembers what airsoft is all about.

Make no mistake, veterans will confirm it and newbies already know: the only good airsofter is the one who goes out when hit.

➡️In this issue:



Today we have the honor and opportunity to know a bit more about a man with more than 28 years of service. Combat duties in Panama (1989) and Somalia (1993) and awarded with two Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal for Valor, the Purple Heart and the Ranger Tab among other Medals and Con Decorations. More than one can imagine who we are talking about, and that is Colonel Danny R. McKnight. Yes, you have read it correctly, like the guy in Black Hawk Down, but we are not interviewing the actor of the film, but the real Colonel who inspired the character. 



In this revolver the hammer is not the hammer, the barrel is not aligned with the top of the cylinder, the recoil (in the firearm) is hardly noticeable… and these might be the keys to the model of Chiappa, an Italian family-owned firearms factory, which have made it successful or which have at least made BO Manufacture decide to include it in its Airsoft replicas catalogue.

The people at BO by no means have bad taste when it comes to choosing new models offered to us Airsofters. Something different, new, rare and with a performance level which is on a par with this demanding brand. What’s the result? Pay attention, we’ll show you below.



The announcement of the APS X1 was initially surprising, not because APS brought out a GBB (it has a lot of experience in this thanks to its pistols), but because it announced that its GBB system was compatible with the AEG body in its catalogue. This gave rise to an extensive starting offer for players and was followed by the announcement of the APS X2.

This rifle is not just the continuation of this new M4 saga in version GBB because it adds an “R” to the end of the model, an “R” for Recoil. This tells us that APS still has a lot to show us and that the surprises are far from being over. Look what comes with this model.



This is the story of an American who was born in a Texan town, grew up on a farm with a rifle in his hands (his first Springfield was given to him when he was 8 years old), and went to university before his promising sport career was cut short due to injury. It all sounds like a cliché from a Yankee movie, only this time it wasn’t American football, but rodeo. Of course, remember we’re talking about Texas. 



Ceska Zbrojovka is not that easy to pronounce, maybe that's why everyone calls it just CZ. It was in this Czechoslovak factory where this gun manufactured for special units was born. Thanks to its extraordinary precision and high stability during quick firing, it gained popularity among IPSC shooters and from there stepped into the limelight of airsoft in the hands of KJWorks (manufacturer) and ASG (holder of the licenses of the model) to present its replica. This Shadow 2 ORANGE is the evolution of a model that has been nourished by the feedback and experience of many players and two major brands in our market. Do you want to see the results? Here we go.



In 2019, with EMG licences, APS brought out the Noveske Space Invader 9mm, a replica of the model by North American firearms manufacturer Noveske Rifleworks and one of the most beautiful AR9-style replicas that had been seen on the market. It was not the first Noveske replica brought to us by APS because thanks to its collaboration with EMG, we have also been able to enjoy other models.

But the thing is, at the same time, in 2019 Noveske brought out its 10.5” Noveske9, with its Gen4 receiver and 6 position stock tube, while undoubtedly keeping the 9 mm magazine. And of course, EMG and APS got down to business to bring us Airsofters this new version today.


Fashion Snaps

Variety. Something which stands out in airsoft and increases over time is variety. Not only regarding the fields where you play, nor the approach to the game, but when you start thinking about what you will wear before aa game, you will find countless options. And that is precisely one of the things that fascinates our Japanese collaborator, who, on his web site sg-fashion-snap.com collects the most different styles found in the battle fields. From collectors of rare and authentic material, to the most realistic reenactors, to those who use airsoft to experience (with much style) their craziest fantasies. To all of you we say, welcome and thank you.